How To Make A Swing Without A Tree? (Step By Step Guide)

Today, many believe that swinging offers many physical and cognitive benefits. Along with this, it plays a significant role in relieving your stress. All these reasons have led to an increasing demand for having a swing in most houses’ backyards.

There are several ways with which you can set up a swing using a few alternate options. If you want to know how to make a swing without a tree, I have written a step by step guide. Our detailed in-hand experience will guide you to understand how to set up your backyard swing without a tree.

How to make a swing without a tree complete tutorial

How to make a swing without a tree? step-by-step Methods

Let us understand how you can set up a swing without having a tree in your backyard. Several types of swings are available, such as Tire Swings, Rope Swings, Sling Swings, Full/Half Bucket Swings, Horse Glider Swings, etc.

A tree can provide you with natural support to hang the swing. It saves your effort and time to set up poles or purchase a bespoke swing stand. But there may be instances when there are no trees in your backyard for various reasons.

How to make a swing without a tree 9 step-by-step Methods

1. Build a Strong Swing Stand

The first step is to build a strong foundation for a swing. That means you should first focus on constructing a swing stand that will be strong enough to handle the swinger’s weight and won’t lose its ground. It should remain firm despite taking long and fast swings by the swinger.

Build a Strong Swing Stand for swing

You can easily procure an old swing set from families who may not be using their old swing sets and looking for ways to dispose of them. Later you can modify the old one to suffice to your liking. Else there are plenty of new ones available in the market.

You can also build your swing stand. All the materials required for setting up the swing are available in most of the hardware stores. Here is a list of materials you will require for erecting a swing in your backyard.

For tire swings

  1. Tires.
  2. Teepee Stand.
  3. Rope.
  4. Swing Swivel.
  5. Carabiner.
  6. Large Washers.
  7. Rope Clamps.
  8. Cordless Driller.

Bamboo DIY

Materials required for bamboo swings:

  1. Bamboo poles (Guadua type)
    1. Ø 9-11 x 300 cm
    2. Ø 9-11 x 200 cm
    3. Ø 7-9 x 100 cm
  2. Swing Hooks
  3. Ground anchors
  4. Swing Board
  5. Climbing rope (optional)
  6. Turnbuckles M10
  7. Hex bolts M10 x 250 mm
  8. Washers M10
  9. Hex nuts M10
  10. L) Screws 4 x 35 mm
  11. Tape measure
  12. Bamboo drill 10 mm
  13. Pencil
  14. 2 Spanners size 17
  15. Hammer
  16. Cordless Driller

DIY Wooden Swing Stand

Materials required:

  1. 1″ Circle Screw Bolts – 2 nos.
  2. 4x4x8 Posts – 5 nos.
  3. 2x6x8 Board – 1 no.
  4. 9” x ½” Bolts – 4 nos.
  5. Washers – 4 nos.
  6. Nuts – 4 nos.
  7. 4” Wood Screws – 6 to 8 nos.
  8. 5/8” Auger Bit (preferably 7 1/2” long)

DIY Pvc Pipe Swing Stand

  1. PVC pipes.
  2. Swing hooks.
  3. Carabiner or Swing hanger.
  4. Ropes (optional) if you don’t want to make holes in the pipes.
  5. Cordless driller.
  6. Nuts and Bolts.
  7. Eyebolts.

High Carport or patio

You don’t need to create the swing frame from scratch, as you will be using a beam in your carport or patio to attach the swing.

Materials required:

  1. Rope.
  2. Cordless driller.
  3. Swing Swivel.
  4. Carabiner.
  5. Large Washers.
  6. Strong Chain.

Collect Combination stands for swing

Now that you know what is needed for the different types of swing you need to use, collect all the materials required for setting up a swing, for the type of swing you wish to erect.

Alternately, by having something as support to attach a beam to it, it is possible to erect a swing stand if you plan to have a tire swing. For that, you can attach one A-frame to the beam and a bracket to attach the beam to that support.

Ensure you thoroughly check the structure to verify it can handle the load of the tire and the swingers when they swing. You may require to procure permission to modify the existing structure.

There are several teepee-style stands in the market. Though they aren’t made for tire swings but can be used in the case of a small, lightweight tire. Due to the less height of these stands, you won’t get a large range for swinging.

Go with this type of swing stand if you plan to erect swings only for small children. t’s not so difficult to DIY your teepee stand. Ensure the top part is very strong where the three poles meet at one point.

2. Measure swing width

Now, Measure the width of the swing. It will help you to specify the correct distance between the upper beam on which you are going to hang the swing. Once measured, note down the swing width and add 4 inches to it.

make a swing without a tree

3. Identify swing location

Don’t hang the swing very near to the end of the upper beam. Ensure the swing is hung in the middle part of the beam.

4. Drill two vertical holes In the Hanging Location

Drill two holes at a similar distance as per the swing’s width. Add 4 inches to it.

5. Attach the Eyebolts to set Up the anchor point

The next step is to screw eyebolts into the holes. Attach the carabiner or swing hanger or swing hooks, whatever you like to the eyebolts. 

6. Attach the Eyebolts to set Up the anchor point

The next step is to screw eyebolts into the holes. Attach the carabiner or swing hanger or swing hooks, whatever you like to the eyebolts. 

7. Tie the rope in the eyebolt or attach the chain of the swing

You can use ropes for attaching the swing if you don’t want to drill the holes. Ensure to check the rope tightens only when the swing is functional. You can also use a chain in place of the rope, strong enough to handle the weight and resist all the tension while swinging

8. Ensure that swing is level

Ensure the swing hanged to the upper beam remains parallel with the ground’s plane.

9. Attach The swing

Attach the swing by tightening the nuts and bolts. Before that, ask your kid to sit on the plank and ensure his feet touch easily on the ground.

Before using the swing, check the weight limit by putting some weights on the plank. Once you are sure it can handle the specified weight, then only allow your kids to use the swing.

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Can you hang a tire swing without a tree?

Yes, with many alternate options for erecting a swing, you can hang a tire swing despite having no tree. It can be erected either with a teepee-style stand or using a combination of an A-frame, existing beam, or existing support. A carport or patio can suffice the erecting of a swing, as you can hang the swing to its beam.

1. Vertically

To hang the tire swing vertically, keep a rope and drill ready with you. Herewith are the steps.

  • At the bottom side, start with drilling drainage holes.
  • Bind a bowline knot and toss it over the beam.
  • The rope will now be over the beam. Now let the end pass through the loop created due to the bowline knot.
  • Next, pull the rope downwards across the loop to tighten both the loop and the rope onto the beam.
  • Hook the tire to the rope by inserting the rope through the tire repeatedly.
  • Connect the rope by binding a square knot or bowline knot.
Vertically tire swing

2. Horizontally

For this style, you will require:

  1. 3 pieces of rope.
  2. Swing Swivel.
  3. Carabiner.
  4. Large Washers.
  5. 3 wire rope clamps.
  6. Cordless drill.
Horizontally tire swing


  1. Start with drilling drainage holes, similar to the vertical style, at the bottom.
  2. Cut the rope at a measurement from the tire to the beam you have planned, by adding 3 feet to it. E.g. if the distance is 6 feet, add 3 feet to it, which means have the rope at least 9 feet.
  3. Drill three holes in the tire, equidistant from each. Ensure the rope can pass through these holes easily.
  4. Slip the end of one rope into one hole. 
  5. Pass the end of the rope through the large washer.
  6. Below that washer, attach a wire rope clamp.
  7. Then bind the wire and rope clamp with an overhand knot.
  8. Repeat the process of all three ropes.
  9. Attach a swivel to the ropes with a bowline knot at the end of each rope.
  10. Ensure the carabiner passes through each rope correctly.
  11. Attach the carabiner to the swivel and seal it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to hang a saucer swing without a tree?

As an alternate option, you can buy a swing frame or DIY your own. Ensure the frame is robust and won’t tilt or tip over.

How to make a Rope swing without a tree?

You can use your carport or patio beam to attach the ropes to it and then hook the swing to those ropes. In an open area to the sky, you can build your swing frame or procure one from the market, and attach the ropes and swing to the upper horizontal structure. 

You can also get it done with a teepee stand, but only if you plan to build for small kids.

How much weight can a tire swing hold?

On average, a tire swing can handle a weight between 100lbs to 175lbs. It’s crucial to check the weight resistance first by putting some weighted objects on the swings before you try them in practice.


Now you can erect a swing in your backyard, even though your backyard doesn’t have any trees as you have learned how to make a swing without a tree. There are several options to erect a swing without having the support of a tree.

You can either purchase a swing set from the market or create it with DIY methods. You can also make use of the upper beam in your carport or patio, to attach swing hooks to it, and then connect the swing either with ropes or chains.

The plank may be wooden or you can just have a tire to sit on. Plus, there are many other options to enhance your comfort.

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