What Do You Feed Squirrels? Complete List Of Food

Often noticed by bird-watchers, squirrels are frequent guests to their yards. Whether you like them or not, these small creatures often interrupt the food gatherings specially meant for the birds.

Squirrels consume various foods, including seeds, nuts, fungus, fruit, leaves and bark. A range of these foods can aid in providing them with a well-balanced diet. However, most squirrels will be content with even a couple of these foods, such as sunflower seeds and peanuts.

What do you feed squirrels: Detailed Food List
What Do You Feed Squirrels: Complete Guide

In this article, we will be discussing everything that you should consider feeding your squirrels with.

What Do You Feed Squirrels? (Human Food)

Besides nuts and seeds, human food such as plants makes up a sizable component of the squirrel’s diet. Moreover, they consume certain animal products as well. Interactions between humans and squirrels introduce new foods into their diet, some of which are quite healthy and come from natural sources.

What human food can you feed squirrels complete list

The squirrels have other preferences as well. However, these aren’t precisely natural. Further, foods like peanuts and carrots and snacks like Oreo cookies are also preferred by squirrels.

What Fruit Do Squirrels Eat?

Are squirrels fruit eaters? Yes, indeed they are!

To talk especially about the fruits, they enjoy eating plums, berry, apples, melons, pomegranate, peach, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, banana, cherries, grapes, mangoes, mulberries, oranges, papaya, tangerines, and lemons.

Squirrels happen to eat a variety of foods and aren’t very discriminating eaters. The natural hunger of these rodents includes a wide variety of foodstuffs, such as fruits, vegetables, plants, fungus, flowers, and more.

What Fruit Do Squirrels Eat

Squirrels have four front teeth that are constantly growing, like other rodents. This enables them to chew through tough exteriors like those of nuts and apples. So, when it comes to their eating, nothing is off-bounds.

What vegetables can squirrels eat?

Gardeners are unaware of the wide range of veggies that squirrels consume. A squirrel will eat any leafy green they come upon, including lettuce, kale, arugula and spinal.

What vegetables can squirrels eat

Other tasty vegetable squirrels love to eat include tomatoes, radishes, squash, beans, corn, peas, root vegetables, cauliflower and cabbage. In short, they’ll eat almost anything they can get into their grubby little paws.

What nuts do squirrels eat?

Squirrels are huge lovers of nuts. The nuts squirrels eat depend on what they can get their hands on, just like their regular diet.

Can squirrels eat all nuts?

Squirrels prefer eating plain nuts instead of salted or roasted ones. This is because the salted varieties contain substances that they find hazardous and that their systems cannot process. Hence, squirrels eat most of the nuts provided to them in their natural state.

What nuts do squirrels eat

What nuts can you not feed squirrels?

Nuts like cashews, dried corn, sunflower seeds and pine nuts which cause severe loss of calcium, should not be fed to the squirrels.

What nuts do squirrels like the most?

If squirrels can get their hands on walnuts, they will be overjoyed since they adore them. Therefore, having a walnut tree in your backyard won’t take long for you to spot squirrels everywhere. Although there are wide varieties of walnuts, squirrels enjoy black walnuts.

What do squirrels eat when there are no nuts?

Squirrels typically eat a wide variety of foods as they quickly adapt to their environment and the food that is accessible to them. They typically eat fruits, vegetables, twigs, and soil without nuts. These foods are equally nutrient-dense for their diet because they are important suppliers of nutrients and roughage.

Although they are generally herbivores, squirrels will also consume a variety of insects like caterpillars, crickets, and larvae when the seasons are difficult.

What food do squirrels like the most?

Squirrels often consume a variety of foods, including

  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Grain
  • Fruit
  • Leaves
  • Fungus
  • Bark.

Well, being omnivores, squirrels enjoy eating both vegetation and meat. Besides eggs, small insects, caterpillars, small animals, and even baby snakes, squirrels eat fungus.

What is the cheapest food for squirrels?

Shelled peanuts are the cheapest foods that you can feed your squirrels. Well, feeding them with shelled peanuts will not only provide them with nutrients but will also enhance their chewing practice. However, it’s important to remember that peanuts are not that good and should be given in limited amounts.

What foods are toxic to squirrels?

Among the foods, squirrels should avoid eating are avocado pits, fruit seeds, acorns, wild mushrooms, cardboard palms, cycad palms, and junks. Also, other foods that are not healthy for people to eat include anything starchy, salty, sweet, or sugary.

Should you feed squirrels in your yard?

Feeding wildlife in your yard carries risks even in the absence of invaders. This is because it makes them forget their inherent dread of people, which wouldn’t benefit either party.

Moreover, the urge to avoid humans helps squirrels stay safe from the threats provided by people. Since they stay away from us, it helps unwelcome interactions between them and us in the form of bites.

Should you feed squirrels in your yard: best answer

Squirrels may become hostile in their pursuit of food if they grow accustomed to expecting it. Many people who feed birds claim to have encountered this issue with the local squirrels.

There are many inventive ideas for keeping squirrels away from your bird feeder, but you should consider thinking before feeding them in your yards to deter persistent misbehavior.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can squirrels eat cheerios?

Yes, squirrels can eat cheerios. Moreover, other serials like Chex, shredded wheat, corn flakes, and grape nuts are also preferred by squirrels.

Do squirrels eat bananas?

Yes, squirrels feed upon bananas. They are one of the favourite foods of squirrels as they provide them with the much-needed sugar boost and energy to go around.
Moreover, they adore practically anything humans feed, including nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

Is peanut butter good for squirrels?

Being the third worst nut product you can feed squirrels, peanut butter is very bad for them. This is because of its extremely low calcium to phosphorus ratio.
Moreover, if it is regularly supplied to young or confined squirrels, it can even lead to the development of metabolic bone disorder.

Do squirrels eat apples?

Yes, Squirrels are omnivores that greatly consume apples, insects, and a variety of other things.

Do squirrels eat bird seeds?

Although they don’t always choose what the birds eat, birdseed is one of the favourite foods of squirrels.

Is it okay to feed squirrels bread?

Giving squirrels the occasional slice of whole grain or multigrain bread is acceptable in terms of nutrition. Make sure it isn’t mouldy because hazardous bread moulds are there.
Moreover, don’t leave out more food than the squirrel will consume because it will quickly mould.

Can squirrels eat dog food?

Squirrels consume dog food only in the absence of other options. This is because it won’t give them the nutrition they need, but it is also not toxic to them.
Well, Squirrels need specific nutrients, like humans, to provide the energy they need to survive in the wild.

What do squirrels drink?

Squirrels consume a lot of water and require considerably more during hot weather, injury and pregnancy.

Can squirrels eat rice?

Yes, the health of squirrels can benefit from rice, but only in moderation. Moreover, Squirrels can eat cooked and uncooked rice with exceptionally sharp teeth.

Can squirrels eat raisins?

Just like us, squirrels too enjoy the flavour of raisins. Therefore given the option, it will consume as many as it can. Raisins are, therefore, harmless for squirrels when consumed in moderation.

Can squirrels eat cucumbers?

Squirrels frequently take advantage of maturing fruits and vegetables, especially soft and juicy foods like squash, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and melons, to satisfy their snacking needs.

Can squirrels have grapes?

Fruits are a favourite food for squirrels, particularly grapes. Along with this, other fruits like pineapple, kiwi, peaches, mangoes, melons, strawberries, blackberries, figs, raspberries, plums, cherries, mulberries and blueberries are also liked by them.

Can squirrels eat popcorn?

Popcorn that has simply been air-popped is safe for squirrels. Due to the high amount of fibre, which is advantageous to the digestive system, it’s one of the best feeds for them. Moreover, the presence of Iron, protein, and vitamin B makes it nutritional.
However, Squirrels won’t benefit significantly from these in terms of health, but they won’t be harmed either.

Will a squirrel eat watermelon?

Yes, squirrels can safely eat watermelon if you don’t overfeed them. However, watermelon contains a lot of sugar and shouldn’t be consumed frequently by squirrels.


Since squirrels are not prickly eaters, feeding them is not a very difficult task. Therefore, no matter if you feed squirrels to keep them away from your bird feeders or just to be noble, your squirrels will certainly praise you for this!

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