Can you use outdoor patio lights inside? Ultimate Guide

The patio, I believe, is the most loved space in your house. No place in the house is more ideal than the patio to soak up the sunlight, enjoy the great weather, and spend quality time with your family. The best part is that these versatile outdoor lights can also brighten your house. but can you use outdoor patio lights inside? let’s find out

Can you use outdoor patio lights inside? a definitive guide

If you are living in a place where summer months are a blessing than winters, then trust me, you would love to use those bright outdoor patio lights to be used indoors to add that extra touch of warmth during those chilly winter months. 

Can you use outdoor patio lights inside?

Yes outdoor patio lights can be used indoors if they are versatile enough to fit anywhere. Outdoor lights can work on the usual standard voltage mains power, or you need to use a transformer if there is low voltage.

Moreover, the bulb fixture placed inside must match your outdoor lighting. They should be powered by a standard plug and also designed to be wired to a 120V circuit. Several outdoor lighting options can be used indoors as well.

Some great outdoor light options that can be used indoors are outdoor lanterns, tree lights, string lights, furniture lights, step & ground lights, heater lights, and wall lamps. They can be used at different corners and setups inside your house to give that extra warmth and beauty. 

What is the difference between an indoor light and an outdoor light?

Though outdoor patio lights are versatile enough to be used as indoor lights, there is a considerable difference between indoor and outdoor lights. Let us discuss them in detail. 

What is the difference between an indoor light and an outdoor light
  • Outdoor lights are made of non-corrosive materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and are sealed better because they come in contact with water or snow. In the case of indoor lights, they are not made to withstand harsh weather conditions along with water or snow. 
  • Unlike indoor lights, outdoor lights have polished copper or brass looks that give a lounge-like ambiance when used inside. 
  • The outdoor lights are usually made with 12V and are connected to a 12V source. However, in the case of indoor lights, they are connected with a 120V setup. 
  • Outdoor lights are always waterproof to avoid the risk of short circuits when in contact with water, whereas indoor lights are not waterproof. 
  • The outdoor light bulbs are always brighter than the indoor light bulbs as they are designed to illuminate more areas. So they can be used indoors as well. However, the reverse is different, though the patio has the same dimensions as your living room or bedroom. Because the light is properly reflected through four walls, when they are placed outdoors, its luminosity is lost to a certain extent. 
  • Even the bulb fixture for outdoor lights should be waterproof and sealed properly to withstand harsh weather conditions and water and snow. And if they are sealed properly, the outdoor bulb would be way brighter than the same type of fixture used indoors. Moreover, the fixture only made to place indoor lights are not waterproof and hence not fit to use outdoors. 
  • Dedicated lighting circuit with the help of a plug that needs a standard voltage or needs to use a transformer in case of low voltage. 

How do you hang outdoor lights indoors?

Different types of outdoor lights can be hung indoors, and there is an in-depth procedure to hang them inside. 

How do you hang outdoor lights indoors
  • First, you need to decide what type of outdoor light you would be installed inside and research the places inside your home where you would place them. 
  • If you are using string lights to decorate inside your house, you can use nails to hang them. If you don’t want to use nails, you can use adhesive clips or hanging tools to hang those string lights. 
  • In the case of string lights, when you use them indoors, make sure they are not much longer. It’s always advisable to use multiple strands instead of one long one. 
  • LED lights with different stands are great to use both outdoors and indoors. 
  • The step and ground lights can also be installed in the ceiling and the steps inside the house. Over the ceiling you can use adhesive clips or hanging tools over the ceiling to hang outdoor lanterns and wall lamps. If your walls and ceiling can withstand nails or drilling, you can always use them to hang these lights. All you need is to drill the area and place nails where you would attach them to decorate inside the house. 
  • The small lights used on tables and the legs of the chair outdoors can also be used indoors. All you need is to find perfect corners inside your house to place them and add that extra warmth and love. These small lights can also be hung with the help of adhesive hooks and other hanging tools on your walls.
  • Another great way to hang outdoor lights is with the help of command strips that are available in different sizes based on the weight of the bulb. So make sure you use the appropriate command strips so that it is capable enough to withstand heavy outdoor lights to hang inside the room. 

Can outdoor lights be used in bathrooms?

Outdoor lights are versatile enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. Therefore, they are waterproof enough to withstand water, rain, and snow when installed outdoors. These lights can also be used in the bathroom as they can withstand damp and wet conditions inside the bathroom.

Moreover, the sealing of these outdoor bulbs is quite good so that there is no case of short circuits when installed inside the bathroom. These lights have extra moisture protection around all the electrical parts inside the bathroom that are absolutely safe to use.

So these outdoor bulbs are an ideal choice for use in the bathroom or even kitchens where there is running water or steam. The outdoor globe lights are an excellent choice to be used inside the bathroom to illuminate the place. 

How to choose the right patio lights for the inside?

When choosing the perfect patio lights that can be used inside your home, none can beat the popularity of LED lights. They are long-lasting and have very little chance of short circuits, making them absolutely safe to use indoors. To create that perfect ambiance inside your home, you need to select the right type of outdoor lighting fixture that should be appropriate for indoors.

To create that dream ambiance, no one can beat the warmth of hanging outdoor lanterns and wall lamps. You can also use outdoor globe lights to illuminate those special corners of the room or in your bathroom since they are waterproof.

How to choose the right patio lights for the inside

Nothing can be better than string lights to illuminate your TV cabinet or fireplace. They come in different sizes and shapes that you can choose per your requirement. 

LED candles are great options to decorate any part of your patio. When not used for your patio, you can always use them inside your house and make any occasion special by making that extra effort to decorate your room. These days glow lights are an excellent option to decorate your patio.

You can use them inside any container or bottle and customize them to decorate your room. Furniture lights can also be used for indoor furniture and make them look fantastic when not used on the patio. 

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Outdoor patio lights are simply great options not only to decorate your outdoors but also inside the house as well. All you need is the right bulb fixture and proper voltage supply so that it will work in all areas of your house. Though there is a lot of difference between outdoor and indoor lights, indoor lights cannot be used as outdoor lights.

Moreover, there are different tools available these days, with the help of which you can easily hang outdoor lights inside your home to add that extra touch of warmth. So don’t let the fun stop, and find innovative ways to use outdoor patio lights to decorate inside your home as well. 

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