Is Spruce Good Firewood? (Easy Guide To Choose Firewood)

Although we live in the 21st Century, firewood is still an essential fuel. It is less expensive and provides sufficient heat to carry on several jobs. But it is important to remember that all the trees do not provide good firewood.

The characteristics of good firewood depend upon two factors-

  • The density of the wood.
  • Water Content in the wood.

Hardwoods are better for keeping the fire for a longer period due to the density of the wood. Softwoods are commonly good for starting a fire as they have sparks; you have to keep in mind their moisture content.

Softwoods tend to have more moisture than hardwoods which hampers their longevity. Also, the sparks of the softwood can be dangerous sometimes, as they can pop up on you. So, is spruce good firewood?

To answer simply Spruce is not a good firewood, if we compare it to other easily available wood we can use.

Is spruce good firewood? Explained

Is spruce good firewood?

Several firewood can be considered for heating purposes; today, we will discuss spruce as firewood. Generally, spruce is not good to be used as firewood because of the presence of resins in it. This makes it difficult to cut the branches so they can be seasoned. Unseasoned Spruce can be harmful as it burns with cracks and sparks, which can fly up to you or any furniture in your house.

The sap content in spruce is also very high, which makes it difficult to last the fire. While burning these types of woods produces huge smoke and creosote that can harm your health and the environment.

But spruce is very good for starting a fire. You can always keep some spruce sticks with you to start the fire before you move on to the hardwoods. In addition to this, it does not emit much smell while burning.

Can a wood stove be used to burn spruce wood?

Wood stoves are instruments that produce heat, with firewood as their input material. Although hardwood is much preferred as firewood to wood stoves, softwood can also be used. 

Can a wood stove be used to burn spruce wood

One of them is spruce which is much cheaper and a popular choice due to its wide availability. Spruce emits no smell. But it will emit a lot of smoke that can cause breathing problems. Plus, it has sparks because of the more sap content and is dangerous when used indoors.

How fast can spruce fire wood be seasoned?

Spruce firewood is difficult to season. This is because it has large amounts of resin, making it way too hard to cut the branches of the tree and split them before seasoning. Normally oak and teak can be seasoned within 6 months, but spruce can take almost 12 months to season perfectly.

How fast can spruce firewood be seasoned

Proper seasoning of the spruce sticks is essential because it can lessen the smoke released during burning. It will also reduce the moisture content in the sticks, reducing the sparks emitted while lighting.

It is ideal for cutting spruce wood during the cold season. This is because, during this time, the sap and resin content is low due to the freezing temperature. But of all this, you have an advantage of these sticks. The resin within the spruce trees keeps them away from fungus, and if you cut them during winter, the wood will be seasoned within the same year.

Which one is better- Spruce or Poplar?

You must choose the right firewood to be used as fuel. Of Course, you will not want sparks popping up on you or the fire dying within two minutes of its burning.  

To have a perfect campfire experience, you must select the wood with all the favorable characteristics. Here we will discuss which wood is most efficient for burning- Spruce or Poplar?

Which one is better- Spruce or Poplar
  1. Seasoning Period: The seasoning period of Poplar is almost 1-2+ years because of its high moisture concentration. It also has sparks and popping sounds while burning. Spruce, on the other hand, does not require much time for seasoning. It can be seasoned within a year and produce fewer sparks while burning if seasoned properly.
  2. Heat Produced: Poplar produces less heat and is not ideal for burning. Although it is poor firewood, Sprue can be used for campfires and other recreational activities.
  3. Availability: Poplar is available in some regions of the country, mainly temperate regions but is a very short-lived tree. Spruce has a very dense population throughout the country and has a relatively long lifetime.
  4. Smell: Spruce, while burning, does not emit any smell, whereas poplar has a very poor smell while burning.

Therefore it can be easily noted that Spruce is much more efficient than poplar wood when used for burning.

Which one is better- Poplar or Pine?

Poplar, a combination of hardwood and softwood, is poor firewood. Poplar can emit very low heat while burning and has a poor smell. It also cannot burn for a very long time as it has a lot of moisture content. This is also the main reason Poplar takes almost 1 to 2+ years to season while most woods are prepared in a much shorter period. It produces a huge amount of smoke. 

Which one is better- Poplar or Pine

Pine, on the other hand, is much more advantageous. It is hardwood, has much less moisture content, and can burn for longer hours. Due to its less moisture content, the Lodgepole pine dries quickly within 6 months and produces a large amount of heat.

It is a moderate type of wood and produces less smoke. The other two types of pine, the white pine and the jack pine are similar to the spruce with almost the same characteristics. This concludes that hardwood pine is much better than popular firewood.

Which one is better- Poplar or Birch?

When comparing Spruce and Birch, there are certain factors for which we can conclude which one is better. Let us have a look at some of these points.

Which one is better- Poplar or Birch
  • Heat- When Spruce and Birch are compared in terms of heat, Birch is the better choice. Spruce produces very low heat and can be used only for recreational purposes. Birch, on the other hand, is beautiful to look at and emits high flame to warm your home during winter.
  • Burning Time- Spruce, if seasoned correctly, can burn for a long time but produce a huge amount of creosote. But Birch does not produce any amount of creosote and can last for a very long time.
  • Smell- We have discussed earlier that Spruce does not produce any smell while burning to make it much preferable. But do you know birch, as beautiful as it is, also produces a nice fragrance while burning to give you an aromatic experience?
  • Smoke- Spruce produces a huge amount of smoke as firewood, but Birch produces very little or no smoke while burning.
  • Popping and Sparks- Spruce is highly dense firewood and thus produces sparks and popping sounds while burning. Birch has a very low density and thus does not make popping sounds or sparks while burning.
  • Seasoning time- Spruce generally takes 1 to 2 years to season perfectly. The trees are seasoned within the same year if the branches are cut during winter. Birch can be seasoned much faster, which explains why its cost is rising daily.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does spruce split easily?

Spruce wood is a softwood type with high density and much sap content. In addition to this, spruce also has a large amount of resin content in it. Because of this, it is very difficult to split the spruce branches as they are very compact. However, these woods can be split during winter as, during this time, their concentration reduces.

What is the specialty of spruce wood?

Spruce, although very poor in terms of burning, has several specialties. If seasoned for a perfect time, these trees emit much less smoke. It is odor free and is very good for lighting hardwood as it has a good spark.

What are the demerits of spruce wood?

There are several disadvantages of spruce wood. It does not have a good flame or a good amount of moisture content, reducing its longevity. It can also produce sparks while burning, which can cause your furniture to catch fire if used in fireplaces.


To conclude, it is important to keep in mind some of the major characteristics of firewood that are most favorable. Some of them are the smell, flame, the heat produced, smoke, ash, etc. So, what do you thing is spruce good firewood? let me know in the comment box.

But here also comes an important discussion- after such advancement in the modern world, why are we still sticking to firewood for heating, cooking, and industrial purposes?

 Cutting trees gives rise to global warming and many other problems which have not been hidden from anyone. Then should we not move to other heating methods, such as biogas? To consider such methods, we need to educate the people first. This is a long way to go, but if we plant two trees to cut one, much environmental protection can be done.

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