How Long Will A Wooden Deck Last? A Clear Answer!

A wooden deck is a flat surface that supports weight and acts as a floor. These are a great alternative to a stone patio and are made of treated lumber, composite material, and aluminum. Wooden decks are used for laying back and relaxing; the last thing you want to do is worry about your wooden deck.

Wooden deck generally lasts between 10-15 years. However, we can take measures that would extend the lifespan of a wooden deck. Certain aspects would hamper the lifespan of a wooden deck, and those factors need to be taken care of. Wooden decks are most popular compared to other decks because wood is easier to find and not much expensive. 

How long will a wooden deck last

How long will a wooden deck last?

A wooden deck would have an average lifespan of about 10 to 15 years. This period varies from the types of wood with which the deck is made and the maintenance procedure. Wooden decks are not much expensive and are quite easy to find. But it should be kept in mind that your wooden deck is subjected to warping and rotting with time.

Type of WoodAverage Lifespan (with Proper Maintenance)
Cedar15-20 years
Redwood20-30 years
Pressure-Treated Pine15-20 years
Ipe (Ironwood)  25-50 years
Mahogany20-30 years
Teak30-50 years
Composite (Plastic and Wood Fiber)25-30 years

There should be regular inspections of the deck surface and substructure. It should also be chemically cleaned, and pressure washed to remove mold, mildew growth, and dirt built-up. After this, the wooden deck needs sanding, staining, and sealing. All these factors jointly contribute to the lasting of the wooden deck as well, and this process should be diligently repeated every 6 to 12 months.

How long will a wooden deck last

Since wood is an organic material, it is highly susceptible to weathering agents like moisture. Though certain woods have the natural property of being resistant to moisture, no wood can be claimed as completely impervious to damage caused by moisture or even harsh outdoor conditions. 


Cedar is considered to be the most powerful when it comes to wooden decks. It is the most appropriate wood to make fences and decks because it retains much less moisture than other woods.

Hence, it lasts for 15-20 years and even more than that. Cedar decks need very high maintenance, so it needs to be cleaned at regular intervals and also need to be sealed every year.




The wooden decks built with redwood require the same type of maintenance as cedar. Since redwood is a softwood, it has naturally resistant properties to rot and decay.

This is why they are extremely durable and, if properly maintained, would last for 20-30 years or even more.

Pressure-Treated Pine

Pressure-treated pines are extremely popular in wooden decks, as they are specially treated would eliminate the risk of rot and insect damage. Since they are softwoods and are susceptible to rot, mildew growth, and insect attack, they are pressure treated which would reduce these risks.

Hence these require water sealer application annually to keep the water out of the wood and must be sanded yearly. If maintained properly, their average lifespan is 15-20 years.

Pressure-Treated Pine

Ipe (Ironwood)


Ipe wood or Ironwood is a hardwood considered the best wooden decks. These are Brazilian hardwood which is a type of walnut.

They have natural preservatives present in them and have dense structures, due to which they require very low maintenance. The vibrant deep brown and olive colors prevent them from fading by applying oils to the planks.

However, since they are very expensive, they are not used as decks quite often, but they last for 25-50 years which is quite long.


Mahogany is considered the most beautiful among hardwoods for wooden decks. Since they are not prone to scratches compared to cedar, they are an excellent choice for wooden decks.

They don’t require very high maintenance and have naturally resistant properties to decay; they last a long time of 20-30 years on average if taken care of properly. 




Teak is also a hardwood that is easily available all over the world. They are extremely hard and durable, making wooden decks a great choice.

The color and weight of teak are lower than Ipe, and the color varies from yellowish brown to dark golden brown with age. It is also quite less dense than Ipe, and its average lifespan is 30-50 years with proper maintenance.

Composite (Plastic and Wood Fiber)

These are a great alternative to a complete wooden deck. They are a combination of wood fibers and engineered materials like thermoplastics.

They are composite timbers that are immensely used as the outdoor deck, which is environmentally friendly and requires very low maintenance. This is why they are highly resistant to rot and decay and last for 25 to 30 years with proper treatment.

Composite (Plastic and Wood Fiber)

Factors that affect How Long Will A Wooden Deck Last

Several factors affect the lifespan of the wooden deck, and based on the wood, it needs to be taken care of. Climate and weather conditions play a very pivotal role in the lifespan of wooden decks. The wooden decks continuously under shade would take a considerable amount of time to get dry whenever they get wet.

Hence the moisture contact is much more, which accelerates the wear and tear of the wood and results in mold and mild dew growth. This also happens if the wooden decks are in direct contact with the soil, as the soil can retain more moisture than others.

Factors that affect the lifespan of a wooden deck

Similarly, if the wooden deck is exposed to too much sunlight, it also results in burning the sealer of the wooden decks-quite faster than in other situations. Therefore, it would need to be sealed much more often, even twice a year, if exposed to continuous harsh sunlight. Therefore it is always advised to place wooden decks in moderate temperatures with medium sunlight. 

The wood material used to make the deck is another factor depending on how long the deck would last. Hardwood and softwood have different natural properties; based on that, the treatment procedure is also dependent. Softwoods are more susceptible to environmental damage as compared to hardwoods. Though hardwoods would require very low maintenance and less treatment, this is not the case with softwoods.

They require chemical treatment to prevent rot, decay, fungal damage, and insect and pest attacks. Also, cleaning the deck is very important and must be done regularly. They should be sanded and sealed every year. If all of these preventive measures are not taken properly, the wooden decks will fall under environmental damage resulting in a short lifespan of the wooden deck. 

What deck material lasts the longest?

Ipe or Ipe wood is the material that lasts the longest when it comes to wooden decks. It is a Brazilian hardwood that is a type of walnut. Since it is a hardwood, it is naturally water resistant and less prone to insect and fungi attacks. Ipe woods are extremely dense; hence they are durable.

However, they are quite costly when building a deck from ipe wood. Their average lifespan is 25-50 years. They can even last more than 70 years with proper treatment and maintenance. Apart from the wooden deck, if you consider any other material that would last longest is cement. Cement decking has an average lifespan of more than 60 years. Though expensive, they last a long time; hence many prefer cement when making decks apart from wood. 

How can I make my wood deck last forever?

It is a wrong concept that a wooden deck would last forever; however, preventive measures can be taken to ensure that the deck lasts quite a long time. Regular deck maintenance includes cleaning, sealing and staining, and pressure washing which expands the lifespan of the wooden deck.

So maintaining the surface of the deck is very important. Sealing the deck is critical since it provides a protective layer and protects the deck surface from rain and dew that results in the swelling of the wood.

How can I make my wood deck last forever

UV rays are considered very harmful to the lifespan of the wooden deck, so it is advised not to place the deck in harsh sunlight. It is always preferable to put a roof on top of the deck so that it protects greatly from harsh sunlight and rain and snow.

It is very important to identify the damaged planks and get them either repaired or replaced so that the overall deck surface is not damaged. Repairing and restoration is a great process to make the wooden deck last a long time. Every year it is essential to seal the surface of the deck with a sealant so that it will protect the surface. Scrubbing the deck surface so that every bit of dirt is thoroughly removed is a great idea. 

What is the best wood to build a deck with?

If you are worried about how long will a wooden deck last, you should know what is the best wood to build a deck with that will last longer. Cedar and redwood are the best wood to build a deck. They are premium woods that are the best choice for making decks. Both are extremely durable compared to other materials available, and they resist moisture, rot, and insect infestation very well. Cedar has an excellent feature to change the moisture content based on the relative atmosphere.

Because moisture is the prime reason for the deck wood to warp and crack based on the climate, cedar and redwood are very easy to work with. Redwood has an open-celled structure due to which it contains almost very few or no pitch or resins, and this way, its natural beauty, and structural integrity are also maintained. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most maintenance-free deck?

Composite decks are completely maintenance-free and don’t require finishing, sanding, or staining. Therefore enjoy all the benefits of natural wood appearance without taking any hassles of maintaining it.

How long does a pressure will treated wood deck last?

A pressure-treated wood deck would last an average of 15 to 20 years. These wooden decks are specially treated to reduce the risks of rot and insect damage.

How long will an untreated pine deck last?

An untreated pine deck would last anywhere between 10 years to 30 years. Pine is a very hard and beautiful wood; however, if it is left untreated, there is the risk of getting damaged very easily.

How long will a cedar deck last?

Cedar is considered one of the most powerful wooden decks and has an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

How long does a composite deck last?

A composite deck would last an average of 25 to 30 years; if maintained properly, it can last up to 50 years.

How long will a Trex deck last?

A Trex deck is a composite deck that would last up to 25 to 30 years as provided by their manufacturers.


An outdoor wooden deck is a beautiful portion of your house that gives an excellent look to your entire house and I hope now you have a clear idea about how long will a wooden deck last. However, it is very important to maintain wooden decks regularly to last a considerable period with full shine and strength. Regular cleaning, sanding, and sealing of the wood are very important, and chemical treatment helps the wood against rot and insect infestation.

Moreover, moisture and sunlight play a very important role in the lifespan of the wooden deck. And if the wooden desk is in too much contact with moisture, it would result in swelling of the wood, thereby reducing the lifespan. Moreover, harsh sunlight and UV rays harm the wooden deck. Hence all these need to be taken care of.

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