Do Squirrels Come Out In The Rain? (No, Except For Few Reasons)

Have you ever wondered where the furry little creatures we know as squirrels vanish when it is raining? Like most other mammals, Squirrels are not so fond of the rain. Their thick fur coats provide insulation and repel water, yet they do not prefer to venture out during rain. 

Do Squirrels Come Out In The Rain? Explained

When it is raining, they run and hide in whatever secure places they can find. For instance, they prefer to conceal themselves in tree hollows than dreys (their nests) when it rains heavily.

Do squirrels come out in the rain?

No, Squirrels do not come out in rain usually. Squirrels have furry and bushy tails, which they use as an umbrella to cover themselves if they go out during the rainfall. For reasons like flooding their dreys, searching for food, and reaching their little ones, they must venture out in the rain. Otherwise, they generally stay in the protective shelters they find to keep themselves dry. 

Squirrels are timid creatures, but when necessary, they would even hide in dingy places of buildings or houses. Although it is very rare to see squirrels hiding in man-made spaces, they have been found to do so in urgent circumstances. 

Do squirrels like wet weather?

As we know, squirrels try to run and hide when it rains. Thus, squirrels do not like weather. The short and thin fur layer of squirrels helps confine the air, preventing the loss of heat and forming an envelope of warm air for them. The longer and denser fur coats are water-resistant and protect from wind. 

Even after having such advantages, squirrels do not like wet weather. They are naturally repelled by water. Another fun fact about squirrels is that they use water not only to drink and bathe but also to swim!

Do squirrels like wet weather

Yes, squirrels can swim. In various urgent circumstances, they are seen swimming underwater. They swim when a larger animal chases them, or they have to look for a spot to make a nest, or they simply need to cross a water body. 

While swimming, they use their tails as rudders. Well, that is the case for most squirrels, but in the case of flying squirrels, they find it problematic to swim because of their flaps. Most of the squirrels are good swimmers but prefer not to swim. Overall, they do not like to get wet. 

What do squirrels do during the rain? 

First, squirrels search for a safe, enclosed space to hide themselves and their kittens (babies), if any. They like to be within a tree hollow or confined area which is not open air. 

Most of their leaf nests, although having an upper covering sometimes, are not that secure. There have been many instances of baby squirrels dying due to drowning in their nests while it was raining. A tree hollow provides a safe and secure environment for squirrels when there is rain or a storm outside. 

In emergency cases, if a squirrel cannot find a protective place to conceal itself, it will climb up a tree and wait for the rain to cease at some of the tree’s highest branches. 

Do squirrels like water? 

Like most other furry creatures, squirrels do not like water much. But, they have to drink and bathe in it. Other than those two purposes, squirrels do not voluntarily get wet. 

Do squirrels like water

Their furs are made water-proof to repel raindrops, but some of it might seep in through the furs if it rains heavily. To protect themselves, squirrels flip their thick and bushy tails over their little bodies to not get wet in the rain. 

If another creature chases a squirrel, or it has to go to its second or third nest, reach its babies, search for a better hiding spot, or desperately has to find food, then it will venture out in the rain. Otherwise, they like to stay dry most of the time. 

Where do squirrels go during a hurricane?

Like any other time when there’s a storm, squirrels hide in tree hollows and boughs. Sometimes, they even hide in spots such as an underground burrow. 

Many squirrels have been noticed to enter and hide in man-made spaces. A ventilation space in the wall or any other cramped area, for instance, a store room, a garden shed, or a garage, is where squirrels can venture to take cover. 

The strong winds in a hurricane often knock off their leaf nests and sometimes even a whole tree. There are few options for squirrels to lie low when such colossal storms occur. But, to save themselves and their babies, they hide in whatever spots they can find. 

Where do squirrels hide when it rains? 

Squirrels, being furry creatures, do not go out during rain. They conceal themselves in places like tree hollows, underground caves, their second and third nests, man-made enclosed spaces and even tree boughs. 

Where do squirrels hide when it rains

If they have to go out, they use their furry tails as umbrellas to protect themselves from the rain. It is very unusual to find a squirrel venturing out in the rain, but some conditions might emerge when they necessarily have to do so. 

The babies of squirrels are not yet apt at fishing for a good spot to hide or protect themselves. So, it becomes very difficult for them to survive when it rains or any animal chases them, and they do not have any adult squirrels nearby to save them.

What to do if you ever find a squirrel alone after a storm? 

If you ever find a solitary squirrel, especially when it is a baby and raining outside, you might want to help it, bring it to a safe shelter, and give it some food and water. People, many times in history, have done so and sometimes have not received an expected result for their naive activities. 

Experts say it is best to leave a squirrel alone if found during rainfall or a storm. Chances are, their mothers or any adult partners are nearby and are either searching for a good spot or building a new nest. If it is a baby, then the mother will likely come soon for her baby and must be stuck in some work somewhere. 

Squirrels do not generally abandon their babies like such. However, the mother might be dead due to an attack from a larger animal or an accident during a storm, but still, we humans should interfere much in this situation. 

Squirrels carry many bacteria, like Mycobacterium lepromatosis, that may cause Leprosy or Henson’s disease in humans. Sometimes, the bite of a rabid squirrel can even lead to rabies. So remember, if a squirrel is found to be alone after a storm, it is better not to go near. We will not be able to care for them as well as their mothers. In these circumstances, we should seek aid from professional individuals like licensed wildlife rehabilitators. It is always better to be safe than sorry!  

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