Do Hydrangeas Attract Butterflies? (Best Answer)

Hydrangeas are spring plants and come with wide varieties available in the market. They are typically found in the US. But here is our main query: do hydrangeas attract butterflies?

Surely, hydrangeas attract butterflies. The hydrangeas have sufficient food and attractive spots for creatures and insects, which regularly love pollination. These plants are good sources for creatures.

Do hydrangeas attract butterflies

Do hydrangeas attract butterflies?

Yes, hydrangeas are important in attracting and bringing butterflies into your garden. As the butterflies weed, salvia, hostas, phlox, and the list is so long as perennials attract butterflies.

You can pick up shrubs to plant for butterflies, as there are good ones. Shrubs like butterfly clethra, bush, & spicebush, as also a few others, would attract butterflies, but hydrangea is not only the one in the garden. All are alternatively working on this.

Planting all kinds of perennials is the chief attraction but just consider the ones most suited. We look for perennials, but the shrubs are the important elements in the garden. 

Do butterflies and bees like hydrangeas?

Hydrangeas are also a great option for attracting butterflies, bees (and other creatures and insects). The main reason for attraction to their colors. Butterflies and bees can access lighter and more colorful flowers like red and blue.

Do butterflies and bees like hydrangeas

Hydrangeas’ tallness is around 3 to 9 feet, but the tree species are also present, which could grow to be as big as around 25 feet with the proper growing terms and conditions. You can grow hydrangea plants in volume containers and directly in your garden. You have the option to regrow them by cutting them, or you can use the seeds directly.

But when you grow through a seed, you will find that the new hydrangeas do not look like their parent ones as they change their colors from purple to blue and pink to purple according to the pH of the soil. Remember to protect your hydrangeas from harsh ultraviolet rays and winds. 

What flowers attract butterflies most? 

Yes, there are a variety of flowers that attract butterflies the most.

1. Butterfly Bush

They are also known as Buddleia, long-growing shrubs and large, never preventing butterflies from sitting on them. These are deciduous shrubs; you can plant them in perennial borders, Island beds, and your home garden. 

The typically attracted butterfly, due to sprawling, grows around 12 feet tall. ,Thesmall kinds of plants are also available with a more compact and find growth habit if you want to be a groom look.

Butterfly Bush

2. Monardo


Their second name is Bee Balm. The main attraction center is their swallowtails and silver spotted skipper. You can see several new Monarado hybrids in the market available.

These are resistant plants; there is no need to flop over and overrun in the garden. They have nectar present inside them, the basic food for butterflies.

3. Ornamental grasses

They are thought to be host plants for butterflies. But you have to give them extra care and not spread them with insecticides when you notice the signs of feeding. Muhlenbergia, Carex & Panicum, etc. 

Northern broken dash, Tawny edged skipper have the best spots to sit and enough food to provide them.

Ornamental grasses

4. Baptisa


Their scientific name is false Indigo, and they are beautiful native flowering plants. They are host plants mainly for butterflies and don’t have flowers. Baptisa is a host plant for dusky wing wild Indigo butterflies. Hoary edge & silver spotted skippers butterflies have a love for them.

These plants have a breeding program and are one of the leading actors in the US. They have thin and long leaves of pink color, which greatly attract butterflies.

5. Helinthus

You can also call them to swamp sunflowers or sunflowers. You come across annual sunflowers, but there are also perennial varieties that gleam with colors for a long period in the fall.

That taste is pretty awesome, and butterflies love to sit them on. They are the host plant and have nectar inside them. Their varieties are American lady, wild Indigo Duskywing, Bordered Patch, etc.


6. Mint


Butterflies like their family members but not a specific plant. Agastache, Pycnanthemum, Calamintha, and many more. You can grow them in a group to attract butterflies in your garden.

They have foliage, and some of them, such as Agastache, have many beautiful colorful flowers that grow with nectar.

What animals are attracted to hydrangea? 

The attraction towards hydrangeas is not true for butterflies, but animals love them. Rabbits like to nibble on their beautiful shrubs, as hydrangeas are not resistant to rabbits. The snack on hydrangeas pulls itself towards the deer.

The deer can reach as long as the plants as compared to rabbits. Rabbits go for Woody plants like thin bark hydrangeas. They don’t damage these plants, so rabbits are not a problem when you grow hydrangeas.

Not only rabbits and deer but groundhogs and other insects like scale might and caterpillars can cause damage to hydrangeas. Rabbits can be potentially troublesome and create a tiny spot in your garden, like clover, carrots, etc.

How do I attract a lot of butterflies? 

You can follow these methods to make your garden homely for visiting butterflies.

How do I attract a lot of butterflies

Butterfly love food

When you make your yard into an attractive space by growing different flowers, young butterflies get their energy from the nectar they have and visit your plants looking for flowers to feed on.

So always plant nectar-rich flowers in the summer and spring to allow them to sit on. You can go with marigolds, garden mint, blackberry bushes, and Bluebells.

Arrange a kind, warm environment in your garden

When butterflies find enough warmth in a garden, they can’t resist them to come. Go and find out where the sun rays hit the most to cultivate your and try to make a flower bed full of nectar rich alongside an open space of your lawn or yard. Do these activities in summer and spring times to support insects and butterflies.

Make your lawn space compatible

You better understand which butterfly species live in your local region. Let’s say you have to grow milk parsley to attract swallowtails. But it doesn’t work better if your locations do not have enough swallowtails.

Before starting your garden set up, do some research on insects and butterflies native to where you live. Search about what they feed on and arrange the food for the caterpillar stage of the butterfly life cycle.

If you are interested about butterflies: Do Butterflies Bleed When They Hatch?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do monarch butterflies eat hydrangeas?

Yes, butterflies are like the nectar of hydrangeas.

What is the butterfly’s favorite plant?

Butterflies are attracted to the colorful fragrance of plants like marigolds and hyacinths.

What is the monarch butterflies favorite host plant?

The favorite host plant for monarch butterflies is Milkweed.

What should I plant in my butterfly garden?

You can plant parsley, fennel, milkweed, etc., to attract more butterflies to a garden.

What smell attracts butterflies?

Butterfly pollinators attract smells like plum, Apple, cherry, and crab.


Now you become able to know how hydrangeas attract butterflies. But you have to work with patients on these little creatures. Do you come across attracting butterflies to your backyard earlier, or if you have a few species of hydrangeas on your patio?

It’s totally up to you how to nourish your plants and make them able to feed the butterfly in a better way.

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