Do Hummingbirds Like Mandevilla? (Explained Why It Like Mandevilla)

Have you ever wondered why exotic birds such as hummingbirds are not drawn to your garden? If you live in an area with a hot and humid climate, it is probably a suitable time for you to plant a Mandevilla plant in your beloved garden.

Do Hummingbirds Like Mandevilla

Do Hummingbirds Like Mandevilla?

Yes, hummingbirds are fond of Mandevilla. This plant has the perfect traits that allure not only these birds but also insects such as bees and butterflies.

Mandevilla originally belonged to the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. These charming flowers were named after the British diplomat and gardener, Henry Mandevilla. They are also known as Rock trumpet and sometimes even called Dipladenia.

These vine plants occur in states of tropical climate and are found in colors red, white, pink, and yellow. The enchanting flowers are tube-shaped and have a cluster of five petals.

Why do hummingbirds like Mandevilla?

There exists many reasons why these birds are bewitched by Mandevilla flowers, especially the red-petalled ones. Let us have a look at these reasons:

Do Hummingbirds Like Mandevilla actual answer

They are trumpet-shaped

Long beaks of hummingbirds are best suited for flowers that have a trumpet-like structure. Tube shaped petals of the flower aid hummingbirds to probe into the flower and have its nectar. The tube shape is also beneficial for the plant’s pollination process. Whenever the hummingbird

pokes its beak or head into the flowers, the pollen sticks to its body and is further pollinated by the bird. The same goes for other insects that assist in pollinating flowers.

This characteristic also renders hummingbirds a golden moment to feast on these pretty flowers. Due to the tube shape of the flower, not many other creatures can suck the nectar out of a Mandevilla. But, the hummingbird with its long and chiseled beak, can!

The petals are alluring

It is affirmative that Rock trumpet can change the overall look of your backyard. The vine plant grows flowers of a plethora of colors. Among the tinges of pink, red, yellow, and white, the red Mandevilla will mostly allure the birds to your backyard.

The vision of a hummingbird is naturally more sensitive toward reds and yellows. They are good at remembering their sources of food and view the brighter colors as sources of high- energy food. If you wish to attract more of these birds, try installing the color red in your backyard.

Apart from birds, these colorful blossoms also allure buzzing insects and fluttering butterflies and elevate the aesthetic value of your backyard by adding more warm colors.

Do Hummingbirds Like Mandevilla actual answer

They are sweet-smelling

Although plants give additional efforts to produce visually appealing petals, sometimes the aroma aids in attracting suitable pollinators and deterring harmful predators. Mandevilla or Rock trumpets have a sweet scent that captivates insects and birds, like bees and hummingbirds, respectively.

The Mandevilla, due to its properties, also attracts a number of insects that not only help in maintaining a healthy habitat, but are also in turn consumed by hummingbirds themselves. Ways to attract hummingbirds to your garden.

Now, there are plenty of reasons why you might wish your feathery friends to visit your backyard. Hummingbirds are natural pollinators and play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

Many plants thrive due to their existence. They feed on flower nectar and small insects like ants, aphids, beetles, wasps, and mosquitoes. So, they can prove to be a beneficial element to preserve the fine health of your lush garden.

There are an array of methods you can employ to enchant hummingbirds in your garden, and today we are listing a few of them for you.

Plant bright flowering plants

If you wish hummingbirds to regularly visit your leafy environment, then you must plant some warm colors in your garden. The color red best attracts these birds as their eyes are more sensitive to it compared to other colors.

Putting in pots of flowering plants like Mandevilla will surely help you. If you want to enrich the reddish aesthetic of your garden to attract hummingbirds, consider buying red gardening tools or tying red ribbons to places in your backyard.

Create a safe space for the birds

For hummingbirds to constantly visit you, they must be assured of their security. Remove any sort of wiring or netting from your backyard, otherwise these little birds might get trapped or entangled within the mesh.

Be sure to keep your pets away from your garden when it is the hummingbird season to heighten their trust in the environment you handcrafted for them. Try to add organic fertilizers to not hurt the hummingbirds, since they use the plants as their main source of food.

Allow diversity to thrive

Plant a variety of seasonal plants and trees that benefit hummingbirds. By doing so, you are not only creating a safe and diverse haven for them, but also elevating the beauty and value of your own garden and the region around you.

Hummingbirds through their pollinating habits will gradually spread the pollen of those plants, increasing the versatility of the natural environment in and out of the region where you stay.

Do Hummingbirds Like Mandevilla actual answer

Plant native kinds

To truly help in the preservation of this species of birds, you must nurture plants that are seasonal as well as native. Planting exotic kinds of plants and vines that are not suitable to the climate and environment of your region might hardly prove to be beneficial for hummingbirds.

If you stay in a hot and humid state then you might consider planting flowering vines like Mandevilla, but if summer stays only for a month in your region, then you might want to deter from planting such tropical vines.

I hope now you have a clear idea regarding “Do Hummingbirds Like Mandevilla?” and why do they like it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the perfect way to take care of hummingbirds?

In the initial stages of planting your Mandevilla vines, it is advisable to plant them in a large pot. After it starts adjusting to the air and soil of your garden, you can transfer it to the ground. Youwill need to see that the water is completely dried and drained before watering your adored plant.

You must keep giving liquid fertilizers to your plant roughly four times a month. Since Mandevilla are tropical vines, sunshine is necessary for them to grow. However, a merge of sunshine and shade can lead a Mandevilla to grow fully. A matured Mandevilla can grow up to a height of 20 meters.

What are the other flowers that can I grow to attract hummingbirds?

Some other vibrant flowers that you can plant to attract hummingbirds are Lupine, Foxglove, Petunia, Bleeding Heart, Zinnia, Fuchsia, Honeysuckle, and many more.

Search for native and seasonal flowering plants in your area and explore what suits best for you and your garden.

What are the steps I can take to attract hummingbirds?

In addition to growing flowering plants, you can put up bird feeders and keep nectar ready for the birds to feed on. Giving sugar solution or flower nectar to these birds is an amazing way to watch the birds overing in your garden.

Inculcate many feeders across your backyard and decorate them with hues of reds and oranges to enchant the birds. Since a single hummingbird can dominate one feeder, it is better to place more than two to three feeders in your backyard. Even better if you can grow their favorite flowering plants alongside them!

Signs that my garden is hummingbird-friendly?

Well, if you notice hummingbirds fluttering in your garden quite frequently, it means that your garden is hummingbird-friendly. But, if they do not, then you must not lose heart. Despite all your efforts, you might notice that these birds are not roaming around nearby, but that might not mean that your backyard is not friendly for hummingbirds.

This might be an indication that it is the nesting season when females of this kind hardly leave their nests, or they have located a nearer source of food or have simply flocked elsewhere.

While it is fun having hummingbirds around, they are not the only pretty visitors to your garden. Lively flutterers like ladybugs and birds, for example, Sparrow, Parakeets, Cuckoo, Parrots, and many more are fond of your lovely garden too.


Birds, like any other living component on our earth, form a significant part of the biodiversity of a region. The different zones of our planet, host a variety of living entities and most of them are exclusive to a particular region.

But, as humans, we have exceeded that limitation of nature and have learned to adapt to the differential climates of every country. However, we must look to it that most other animals have not been able to do so.

Climate change and global warming are emerging as major issues that might alter the living conditions of many places for many animals and the effects of it are already valid and worrying enough.

Quite a few varieties of hummingbirds have already been declared critically endangered and humans are majorly responsible for it. Activities like excessive urbanization and agriculture are damaging to the existing natural habitats of these birds.

With lesser and lesser time and sources of food for these birds, it becomes necessary for us to step in and save the species from going extinct.

By planting flower plants and creating a protective place for these birds to thrive, we are contributing as little as we can to protect them. Life is all about cohabitation and we as humans must always strive to achieve that. So, if necessary steps are to be taken, they must be taken at the present time, since ‘Next Is Now’.

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