Do Deer Eat Potato Plants? Explained By Expert

Potatoes are a favored standard family supper and a typical presence in anyone’s kitchen. 

Deer do not generally nibble on potato plants. Deer might have it at times if they do not have anything other than that to eat, yet, it is improbable that your native deer are munching your deer plants. 

Do deer eat potato plants? all you need to know

Do deer eat potato Plants/leaves?

As previously stated, deer will gulp down anything they have to when their stomachs are empty and there is not sufficient food anywhere near, which can also comprise potato leaves.

Still, it is essential to jot down that potato leaves are toxic for them – thus, they will only begin devouring your potato leaves if there isn’t anything more edible to eat. Potato plants don’t usually eat allure deer unless other food sources are exhausted. Moreover, it is considered poisonous to their health.

How do I keep deer from eating my potato plants?

To help you keep deer from eating your precious potato plant friend, here are some things you must keep in mind from here on:

How do I keep deer from eating my potato plants

Create a fence

If you are willing to secure your potato plants and give a wide berth to deer, think about building a fence around your potato plants to stop deer from ruining your leafy companions.

Use deer nets

Using a deer net to protect young shoots is essential to prevent deer from eating potato plants. However, this technique is not of assistance every time and should be incorporated along with other approaches.

Instill the habit of using repellants

Employ several repellents in a rotational order to keep deer away from your gardens; that’ll make them a stranger to the environment and perplexed about the scent. That will demotivate them from not only devastating your plants but also visiting your garden. You should mix fragrances and taste repellents to avert their attention from your piece of land.

Use human hair on your potato plants

A much more inexpensive way to reach out for the safety of your potato plants is through the use of human hair. Deers hate the scent of human hair and tend to keep it away from them.

You can easily ask for some hair cuttings from a barber near you and scatter them in your garden, near the potato plants. Although you have to clean them away later on, this can be a very cheap way to keep your potato plants safe from the deers.

Will potatoes grow if deer eat the top?

Deers usually love potatoes, especially if they are within their reach. But when it comes to having them in your garden, they do not get much time to eat. It has often been seen that the deers eat the top of the plants when they cannot pull out the potatoes from the ground.

If such a case arises, what should you do? Will you throw away the entire plant? Or will it still bear the potatoes?

When you face such a situation, you do not have to worry about it! Potatoes grow below the ground from the roots and not above it. Hence the flowers are not responsible for the tuber formation. Therefore even if the deers are eating the top of your plants, these plants are useful as they can still bear potatoes.

What animals will eat potato plants?

  • Voles- The most common garden pest if considered are the Voles. They love to eat potatoes and will enter your garden through tunnels in the soil to eat them.
  • Raccoons- Although raccoons have been seen as a threat to travelers for ages, your potato plants can be their target too. They are omnivores and will eat anything that comes on their way. This includes fruits, vegetables, and your potato plants too.
  • White-Taled Deer-  As discussed from the very first, deers love to eat potato plants. They are often seen roaming around the gardens to munch them whenever they get a desirable chance.
  • Birds- When we talk about saving our garden plants from animals, the first creature to come to our mind are the birds. Birds prefer potatoes because they contain starch and can be a staple food.
  • CowsWild cows are very famous for overgrazing. And if they find anything new in their diet, there is no backing off. Cows can mess up your garden plants, especially if they are potato plants, which will provide them with essential nutrients and carbohydrates.

What is putting holes in my potato leaves?

When you are engaged with the task of gardening, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Safeguarding your plants from pests is one of them.

A specific type of pest called the flea-beetle tends to feed on the potato leaves of the plant. They do not harm the tubers but can cause small holes in the leaves. These holes, also called the “shot holes,” can harm the plant from the inside. Due to these, the plants get exposed to bacterial and fungal diseases such as Verticillium wilt and Fusarium rot.

Will potatoes grow if the leaves are eaten?

Potatoes grow from the tubers and not from any part of the shoot. Even if the wild animals eat the leaves or any part of the plant other than the tubers, the plants can still bear the potatoes. 

Will potatoes grow if the leaves are eaten

You can put the leftover tubers from the ground into a nutritional fluid and wait till they sprout. These roots, when again planted, can produce potatoes but are small and inferior to the original ones.

What vegetable plants are deer resistant?

When we grow plants in our gardens, we can face many issues due to the wild deer. To speak very honestly, there is absolutely no such plant that is deer resistant, but there are certain plants that are less favorable to the deer.

Such plants can be considered deer resistant and can be grown in your garden to keep the deer away from your garden. Some of these plants are:

  • Asparagus.
  • Eggplant.
  • Fennel.
  • Garlic.
  • Peppers.
  • Lavender.
  • Rosemary.
  • Parsley.
  • Onions.

You can grow these plants in your garden, some of which have a very strong smell which can keep the deers out of your garden.

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Gardening is a good hobby when done properly. And grow vegetables at your doorstep will not only provide you with some organic stock in your fridge but will also help to make the environment better.

But protecting them from wild animals can be a good task. It is necessary to take essential steps in this regard, and also, we can consider feeding some of them during the harsh climate of the winter months because there is a saying that ‘Sharing is Caring.

I hope you had all the necessary information regarding your question “do deer eat potato plants?”, If you still have any confusion please let me know in the comment box .

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