How To Light Up The Backyard Without Electricity? (11 Ways)

There are endless options for outdoor lighting without electricity that wouldn’t take a toll on your thought about excessive electricity costs or the safety measures of outdoor lighting with electricity. Let’s find out how to light up the backyard without electricity

You can light up your backyard without electricity with solar lights, candles, tiki torches, battery lights, LED lights, glow sticks, lanterns, battery-operated string lights, solar light chandeliers, solar garden globes, etc. And the best part is there are no hassles of wires or cords and all of these are safe to use. In this article, we would discuss in detail backyard lighting without electricity. 

How to light up the backyard without electricity

How To Light Up The Backyard Without Electricity: 11 Ways To Do So

There are many options for backyard lighting without electricity to decorate your backyard without taking a toll on the extra electricity bills. It is important to choose your backyard location correctly so that there is ample space for different lighting options. So let’s explore all the options in detail.

Set Up Solar lighting options

If lighting up your backyard without extra electricity bills is your ultimate choice, then solar lighting options are a no-brainer. In the daytime, solar light batteries can draw energy from sunlight. These attractive solar garden lights are the most cost-effective and innovative ways to light up your backyard with vibrant colors.

Set Up Solar lighting options

Since they are very lightweight, it is extremely easy to carry them without the hassles of cords and wires. There are also solar-powered string lights that can light up trees and bushes without harming them. During the night the photoresist on these solar lights automatically detects the absence of sunlight and gets activated.

The solar-powered chandeliers are ideal for decorating your patio, deck, gazebo, or other outdoor areas. The solar-powered lanterns can be hung on tree branches, on the table, or beside the BBQ to add extra warmth and light. The solar-powered pathway lights are the ideal option to decorate your backyard porch.

Decorate with Candles

Decorate with Candles

Candles have been the most beautiful way to give life to your backyard since immemorial. They are the most inexpensive option and can be available very easily.

The aromatic wax or soy candles apart from illuminating are also the perfect option to lift your mood and give a romantic feel to the place. There are also tea light candles in mason jars and candle lanterns which are very beautiful.

However, traditional candles won’t be the safest option if you have kids around. In that case, you can always use LED candles that are the perfect counterpart to wax candles without worrying about wax dripping.

Tiki Torches

If you are not fond of solar lights or candles, then tiki torches should be your ultimate choice. These beautiful tiki torches burn real fuel, paraffin or ethanol mounted on the stick.

At the top of the light is the wick that burns into a bright, luminous yellow flame. Using them you can also keep away mosquitos and pests. 

Tiki Torches

Fire pit option

Fire pit option

Fire pits are a great option to light your backyard. There are four main fire pits: wood burning fire pits, propane fire pits, gel fuel fire pits, and natural gas fire pits.

Fire pits give you that authentic enjoyment of campfires with your friends. However, if you have kids around, you must be extremely cautious using fire pits. 


Luminaries are an excellent option to light your backyard that gives comfortable warm light and you can reuse them whenever possible. To give a quirky touch, you can also add funny designs.

Battery-powered LED Lights, lanterns, and string lights

If you do not have the option for solar lights, then battery-powered LED lights are also a great alternative. Battery-operated outdoor lights are a great option for off-grid lighting to save electricity or when there is a power cut.

Battery-powered LED Lights, lanterns, and string lights

They also last a long time with weatherproof options. Battery-powered string lights are ideal for a warm intimate ambiance that gives soft low-voltage illumination. Lanterns can be easily hung on branches, on tables, or beside BBQ to decorate.

Bluetooth Lights

Bluetooth lights are the most resistant and portable options for backyard lighting. This is the reason they are immensely renowned. They have an array of color options and are available as pool lights, string lights, or simple bulbs.

Reusable glow sticks

 Rechargeable glow sticks are great for backyard lighting that is best to decorate lawns. They are ideal for decorating any backyard corner and are very easy to relocate.

Battery-powered projector lights

Battery-powered projector lights are great for festivals and occasions. They are also great for camping and can be great as porch lights or decorating the wall of your backyard. They impart more light than string lights and are available in vibrant colors.

Glow-in-the-dark paint

Glow-in-the-dark paint lights are a great option for both backyard and indoors. They are best to save electricity costs and are not costly as well. They also last a long time irrespective of any weather conditions.

Glow-in-the-dark paint

Inflated Pool Lights

Inflated pool lights are perfect for pool parties that come in innumerable shapes and sizes and a myriad of colors. Though the lights are not that powerful, they can lift your mood. They give the best design to decorate your backyard.

Tips for safe and effective lighting

Backyard lighting without electricity is a great option to decorate your backyard. However, certain effective measures need to be considered while using backyard lighting without electricity. If you are using wax candles or fire pits, you must be very careful about where you want to make fire pits or place the candles.

Tips for safe and effective lighting

Another point needs to be considered, you have to be very careful with kids if you are using candles or fire pits. To get the best backyard lighting without electricity, it is best to use a combination of different types of light for the optimal source of coverage.

Different types of light also need proper placement so that the maximum amount can be achieved while using them. Backyards are also renowned for BBQ and griddles. Hence it is always advised to be very cautious with the lights placed near BBQs and griddles. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I light my backyard cheaply?

The best way to save costs is using lights that come without electricity as it would save electric costs. With backyard lights without electricity, look for options that are not much costly and also last a long time. Also after each use, make sure to remove the lights, clean them and store them properly so they would last a long time.

How can I put lights in my backyard without trees?

There are many options to use backyard lights without trees. Fences are a great place to decorate your backyard with lights. You can also surround the flower beds with light. Solar globes and glow sticks are also great options to decorate the backyard as they can be placed in any corner. You can also use tables to place lanterns to give that extra touch of light and color.


I hope now you have a clear idea about how to light up the backyard without electricity, if you still have any confusion, please let me know in the comment box.

Non-electric lighting is a great option to decorate and light up your backyard. They are the most cost-effective way and also save electricity. Moreover, they are also a great backup source in case of a power cut. With proper planning and an effective combination of different types of lights, they are best to illuminate the backyard full of warmth and give that vibrant colorful touch. 

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