Does Bermuda Grass Have Runners? Yes, Mostly They Do!

Common Bermuda grass is one of the most common warm season grass that grows in the southern states of the USA. It’s a popular variety of grass for its drought and weather-resistant capabilities. 

One of the biggest benefits of this grass is that it’s a runner and spreads quickly across the lawn, covering bald patches. Owing to this benefit, the grass grows quicker and kills off weeds. The grass has quite a few varieties, and each of the varieties has some special characteristics. However, not all of them have runners. 

In this article, we cover in-depth Bermuda grass, does Bermuda grass have runners or not, especially for those who are looking at some good grass options for landscaping. 

Does Bermuda grass have runners? All You Need To Know

Does Bermuda grass have runners? The Actual Answer…

Yes certain type of Bermuda grass has runners, besides runners, Bermuda grass also has rhizomes. The rhizomes and runners combine and enable Bermuda grass to spread across gardens and turfs quickly.

Bermuda grass runners, also known as stolons are basically above-the-ground stems that grow laterally from the primary plant. The runners rise from the buds in the parent plant’s crown and extend farther while remaining rooted to the parent plant.

Does all Bermuda grass have runners? 

No, not all Bermuda grass have runners, only certain types. For example Celebration Bermuda grass has runners.

Bermuda grass is one of the fastest-growing grass varieties, and it spread very quickly. Owing to these characteristics, Bermuda grass is the best option for sports fields and high-traffic places.

The grass overcomes damage quickly, and that works well when the grass is repeatedly hit by golf pucks. Some varieties of Bermuda grass have runners while some don’t, but they recuperate fast.  

There are different types of Bermuda grass. Some of the most common options are: 

What are the different types of Bermuda grass? 

What are the different types of Bermuda grass
  • Celebration Bermuda grass: This variety is popular among homeowners for its bright blue-green color. It has also proved best in drought resistance and heat tolerance. 
  • Latitude 36 Bermuda grass: This variety features beautiful color and texture that makes it stand out from the rest of the options. Latitude 36 Bermuda grass is a popular turf grass and was developed at Oklahoma State University.
  • NorthBridge Bermudagrass: The NorthBridge Bermudagrass variety is similar to the Latitude 36 Bermuda grass as both are popular turf grasses. This grass thrives in the transition zone of the USA. The grass has a fine texture and excellent cold tolerance.

How do I get rid of Bermuda grass runners?

As Bermuda grass is one of the fastest-growing grass, it takes over lawns and fields very quickly. Thus it may be necessary to check its growth. Here are five ways to go about it. 

How do I get rid of Bermuda grass runners


This is one of the easiest and least labour-intensive methods to control Bermuda grass growth. This technique works best for the summer months. Simply water the grass normally and spread a clear plastic covering the whole lawn. Make sure to weigh down the edges of the tarp. Eventually, the sun’s rays will pass through the plastic and bake the grass underneath. 


This method not only kills the Bermuda grass effectively but also decomposes the areas with the grass remains and keeps it prepared for replanting. Use standard landscape fabric and cover the whole turf/lawn.

Use as much as required, and don’t leave any gaps. Place 8 inches of wood planks or barks, or other similar mulching materials over the fabric. The combination of darkness, heat, and pressure will kill the grass.


Bermuda grass thrives with regular watering. So, during continued dry weather, use a garden spade to break the soil. Dig deeper and uproot the grass and make sure you disturb the soil up to 6 inches. The grass and roots that are dug to the surface will eventually die. 


The quickest way to kill Bermuda grass is by spraying it with pesticides. However, it’s a toxic method. It’s advisable to use a pesticide that contains glyphosate as it has the least residual effect I’d you want to replant the area. 

Significance Of Bermuda Runners

Like all the other varieties of grasses, Bermuda grass has its own set of merits and demerits. The advantages include the following:

Significance Of Bermuda Runners
  • Runners kill weed: The runners grow fast and form nodes, and new shoots grow from those nodes. The new plants further produce fresh nodes, and the cycle continues. The runners thus grow faster and cover the whole lawn before other weeds can. 
  • Filling out bare spots: As the runners grow and develop new nodes, they quickly fill out the bald patches of the lawn. 
  • Quicker recovery: Sometimes, weather conditions, insects and animals damage the lawn grass. The grass also turns brown during the winter months due to cold, and often bare spots appear. Often weed grows on these bare spots.
    • However, Bermuda grass takes little time to recover from animal and insect attacks and harsh weather conditions. The runners grow faster and spread across the lawn quickly, thereby covering the whole space. 
  • Demerits of Bermuda grass: Chokes other grass: Bermuda grass often becomes invasive to other grass varieties. The grass has small light seeds, and the wind easily carries them for pollination.
    • Once the conditions are congenial, these dormant seeds start to grow. Once the seeds germinate, it does not take much time for the grass to grow and take over the whole lawn if not controlled early. 

How do you identify common Bermuda grass? 

Bermuda grass has blue-green leaves and forms big patches as it spreads across the landscape. The leaves of this variety of grass have a fine texture and are pointed. They also have a small white ring-like hair at the nape of the stem. Common Bermuda grass also has strong stolons and rhizomes, which root and spread laterally. 

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If you are looking to plant Bermuda grass, we have covered all the pointers you need to look out for in this article. Indeed it is one of the quickest growing grass with multiple benefits, but do look into the cons too before you decide to have your lawn covered in it. 

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