Can You Put Deck Tiles On Grass? (Complete Guide)

Deck tiles have become extremely popular for their unique looks and versatility. If you are looking to revamp your yard without spending a significant money on setting up a deck, deck tiles can help you achieve your goal.

Can you put deck tiles on the grass

As the name suggests, deck tiles provide a deck-like feel to your yard when installed properly. Besides looks, deck tiles are easy to install, and maintain and can be placed over existing surfaces like balconies, patios, and gardens. 

can you put deck tiles on grass?

Yes, it’s possible to assemble decking tiles directly on the grass. Most decking tiles commonly available in the market are easy to install and can be clipped together. Some manufacturers give specific instructions regarding the installation process of such tiles. It’s advisable to follow these instructions for a seamless neat job. Overall the process of laying deck tiles on grass is straightforward and anyone without much experience can do it.

What surface can you put deck tiles on?

Deck tiles can be laid on any flat and hard surface. This includes concrete brick wood vinyl and other several surfaces. It’s also possible to install them on grass, depending on the type of file you are using.

What surface can you put deck tiles on

In such cases, experts recommend having landscaping cloth between the tiles and the ground surface. No matter which surface you use, sweep it clean and check for loose or uneven areas as it might cause problems with the tiles. 

The Benefits of installing tiles on grass

I hope now you have a clear idea about can you put deck tiles on grass or not. Well, here are many benefits of installing deck tiles on grass. 

The Benefits of installing tiles on grass
  • Aesthetics: Garden tiles are beautiful to look at throughout the seasons. The garden always looks neat and unique, thanks to the beautiful and unique texture of the tiles available. 
  • Low maintenance: Deck tiles have low maintenance and most of them are easy to clean requiring no special machinery or chemicals. 
  • Durability: Deck tiles are highly durable and can withstand high foot traffic and extreme weather conditions. They are pet and child friendly and are thus the perfect long-term solution. 
  • Installation: Deck tiles are super easy to install and do not require any additional skill. Some manufacturers provide a step-by-step manual for installation. 

Can you put composite decking tiles on the grass?

Yes, you can, but it’s not advisable. Laying composite tiles on the ground directly leads to many issues and thus experts do not recommend it. 

A few of these problems include:

Can you put composite decking tiles on the grass
  • Moisture damage: Even if your yard has excellent drainage system water and moisture can gather in the soil primarily during the winter and monsoon season. This ground moisture can damage your composite tiles. 
  • Mold: By laying the decking tile directly on the ground, you are stopping airflow. Lack of airflow leads to mold and bacterial growth. 
  • Unstable ground: If you lay composite tiles directly on the ground, they might shift eventually leading to instability. You will have to invest further in their repair and reattachment. 

Do you have to remove grass before building a deck? 

Though many people kill the grass under the deck, it’s more aesthetic and not necessary. Depending on the deck’s height the grass would eventually die, however many people prefer to spay it in advance. As the deck blocks away any sunlight leading to the elimination of most grass, it’s easy to deal with the one or two strands that might survive. 

How to create a proper ground area before installing deck tiles?

The process of preparing the area for installing the deck tiles is straightforward and comprises only 2-3 steps. 

  • Level the ground: Before placing the decking material, level the ground. If the area is small use a hand shovel for this purpose. You will require a tiller for larger areas. 
  • Set a firm base: You need to set a firm base on the leveled ground to prevent the grass and diet from shifting. You can use poured concrete compacted sand or grounded gravel for this purpose. This base will be a protective layer between the tiles and the ground beneath. 
  • Ensure airflow: Make sure there is proper airflow beneath your composite deck. 

How to install deck tiles on uneven surfaces?

If you are making your patio from the ground up, chances are there will be ample bumps and creeks that you need to flatten before installation. 

How to install deck tiles on uneven surfaces
  • Remove the grass from the area
  • Dig out the soil for a couple of inches depending on the height of the tiles
  • Install edging around the perimeter to keep the tiles in place 
  • Use landscape fabric or a layer of gravel
  • Fill the area with 2″ pea gravel. Level it using a rake and pack it down
  • Start tiling

Can you put Deck tiles on gravel? 

Yes, you can, as long as the gravel surface is even, the installation process will be quite easy. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I put floating decks on the grass?

Yes, they can also be set directly on a gravel bed. But it’s advisable to support the deck with concrete. This will keep the wood from coming in contact with the ground moisture.

Can you put interlocking deck tiles on the grass?

Yes. These tiles can easily be installed on uneven ground grass and dirt. However, the ground needs to be leveled before the tiles are set.

Which Other Outdoor Flooring Options Can Be Installed Over Non-Level Surfaces?

If you are looking for something other than deck tiles, flooring choices like wood flooring, stone flooring, brick, and concrete are a few other options.


A well-maintained lawn or backyard has an impact on your mental state. You can either enjoy the aesthetics of a neat property or get anxious about keeping it clean. Laying deck tiling takes care of this problem within the budget and easy manner. 

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